Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Previously Unknown Chimay

A couple months ago, one of my interns told me she had found a bottle of Belgian beer I’d never tried before. However, when she said it was a Chimay, I laughed, thinking I’d tasted everything that Trappist brewery had to offer.

But she’s laughing now.

I should learn: every time I pretend to know something about Belgian beer, I end up getting whacked with a new lesson in humility.

True, I’ve tried a number of different Chimay ales, including Chimay Red, Chimay Blue, Chimay White, and a variety of Chimay Grande Réserve bottles of varying ages.

But I’ve never had Chimay with a brown label...

I’d never seen it anywhere before, and apparently -- if you don't have a clever intern like I do -- you can only get it at the brewery itself. I'm not even sure what to call it. After a little hunting around the web, I see something called “Chimay Dorée”, and that may be this, though it has a very different label from the one on my table.

Anyway, mild embarrassment and name issues aside, what does it taste like?

It pours a medium blonde and has a flowery aroma. The flavour also has some floral notes hovering over a thin mouthfeel. The finish is perfectly crisp with no residual sweetness. 4.8% alcohol. It would be great with fatty foods like cheese or chips (US: thick French fries).

In all, it’s nothing to laugh at. In fact, It’s very good.

I only wish I could get my hands on some more...


  1. We've also heard this beer mostly referred to as Chimay Brown (referring to the colour of the beer as well as the label) and yes at the moment it is quite hard to find in the UK!

  2. I have had it before. A great beer. Had it with chips in Chimay with a friend whose family is close with monks of the region. They brew it for themselves during their fasting times; drinking it during their fasting times.


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