Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Kriek De Ranke

“It would be nicer if the weather were warmer”, says Fiona.

Indeed. We’re inside on a 12C day in the middle of June, dreaming that we’re sitting on the terrace sun-trap on a summer’s day. Or, well, a hot day. Because it is summer technically...

Still, Kriek De Ranke is lovely. The aroma smothers you in amarena ice cream, but the taste is a whack of mouth-watering tartness that somehow evolves into velvet and something else besides.

“It has a musty taste like the smell of a wine cellar”, Fiona adds, “but in a nice way”.

Gorgeous. This is a serious kriek, not the sweet sodapops you sometimes see, and it hits all the right notes. I would highly recommend it.

I think I’ll have to try a comparison tasting of Kriek De Ranke against Cantillon Kriek or even Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 2008. Kriek De Ranke seems a bit smoother than the former yet somewhat sharper than the latter, but it calls for a side-by-side test.

Like its sister, the gueuze Cuvée De Ranke, Kriek De Ranke also goes very well with cheese. It would almost certainly go well with a sunny day, too, but it looks like it’ll be some time before I’ll be able to confirm that.


  1. Well, this morning it was 6C, but right now, it's beautiful out: warm and sunny. Unfortunately, I don't have a second bottle!


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