Friday 15 June 2012

I don’t like beer

Believe it or not, I occasionally meet people who tell me they don’t like beer.

Yes, dear reader, it is sadly true. The world is full of horrible things...

But we have to face reality squarely and resolutely. It is up to us to challenge this attitude at every opportunity.

Now, if a person doesn’t drink alcohol or is allergic to one of the ingredients in beer, then fine. But to everyone else we must say: it’s not that you don’t like beer; it’s just that you haven’t tried a beer you like yet.

It’s just like with vegetables. Imagine someone saying he doesn’t like veggies. OK, maybe steamed courgettes make you gag, but have you tried fresh radishes? Completely different thing.

It’s the same with beer denial. If you find ubiquitous pilsner dull and uninspiring, how about kriek?

Can you, beer naysayer, pretend you have tried every type of beer? Or are you really saying that you’ve not explored it much and that you assume all beer is the same?

Here are a few ideas to help get the doubters to reconsider:

Do you like champagne? Try Deus.

Enjoy tart green apples? Of course you do. Try a classic gueuze.

Like pink grapefruit juice? How about a V Cense.

Like port? Sample an aged Chimay.

Enjoy fruity sodas? Try a modern kriek. It’s not my thing, but it may be yours.

Like dark chocolate? Order a chocolate stout.

Like liquorice? Try an Albino Python.

There are a lot of options out there, and no one expects anyone to like every beer. However, you can’t simply dismiss a whole category of food -- especially one that’s been central to human existence and the very development of civilisation for thousands of years.

So, keep trying: you’ll find something you like.

And eat your vegetables too.


  1. Deus... a awesome alternative for an apperitif... the 2009 is really good imho.

    The analogy of port and aged Chimay is absolutely perfect... when people asked me about the 2005 Chimay I had last summer this is exactly what I say: like a nice vintage port!

  2. or we just pretend that beer-drinking is a zero-sum game: the less they drink, the more is left for us ;-)

  3. Great write-up!
    I'd also add rauchbier or certain oak aged brews for fans of whisky/whiskey


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