Saturday, 16 June 2012

Belgoo Luppoo Blonde

This is perhaps the most manic time of the year for us. The kids are taking exams, Fiona’s working late to finish up her student reports, and even though I’ve been on sabbatical, I find myself exhausted from intensive French lessons. Add to that the near constant rain this week, and by the time Friday rolls around, we’re looking at a grumpy group.

To set the mood for the much-needed weekend, I tried a Belgoo Luppoo Blonde, which is currently a featured beer at L’Ultime Atome, one of my top bars for beer in Brussels. From the makers of the reasonable if not outstanding Belgoo Magus, Luppoo is billed as "hoppy" on the label, and the taste is exactly that.

It’s doing that extra-hopped Belgian tripel thing that seems to be challenging the traditional style a wee bit in this country. Along with excellent products like Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel and Duvel Tripel Hop, Luppoo is dry-hopped, but at 6.5% alcohol, it’s a lighter ale than the others, which makes it very refreshing and very drinkable.

Go out and find this one.

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  1. A friend and I stepped into the Le Coq for a beer, on the 16th, and they had this on tap. I am an IPA lover, and on rare occassions I think they can get a lttle heavy, never heavy enough not to have one, but rare times wishing for something lighter. I agree with you about Luppoo, I loved it! Now just to find a place in Germany that sells it.


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