Thursday 7 June 2012

Barcelona: Moritz Epidor

Barcelona has got to be the most beautifully liveable city in Europe today. How I managed to be on this continent for twenty or whatever years before getting there is beyond me.

I finally made it to Barcelona back in February and was hugely impressed. The people are friendly, the weather is great, the city has some staggering architectural wonders, the infrastructure is modern and reliable, the food is awesome, and the beer is...

...well, it’s actually pretty good, in fact. It doesn’t offer as much variety as the local wine, of course, but it’s better than you may imagine.

There are a few brewed options to choose from, but Moritz Epidor quickly became my favourite. It’s the stronger brother of Moritz’s regular beer, which is something more along the lines of the warm-climate lager you might expect from a Mediterranean location.

Moritz Epidor pours a lovely copper colour, and the taste offers richness and refreshment at the same time. A solid malty base forms the backdrop to faint citrus, berry and nut notes. And at 7.2%, it demands your patient attention like no simple lager can.

I found it perfect after a day out sightseeing in winter: the ideal ending to hours of admiring Gaudi creations, visiting the aquarium or wandering around the markets.

I hope I don’t wait another 20 years before returning to sample the city, and this beer, again.

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