Thursday 1 December 2011

Nigerian Guinness

I’m off to Nigeria early next year, and after handing in my visa application today, it seems an appropriate evening to crack open a bottle that’s been sitting in the “to try” crate for rather a while: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout from Nigeria.

Now, there are infinitely more qualified people out there who can tell you all about the history of how Guinness developed such a committed market in Nigeria, but one thing I can say: this is not your familiar Irish Guinness. For starters, it’s 7.5%. Be warned.

The initial aroma is sawdust, which is not entirely pleasant, I have to say. That carries into a slight cardboard note in the taste, which I suspect is a result of oxidation, probably exacerbated by the fact that I let this beer age too long.

Apart from that, Nigerian Guinness is sweet right from the start, followed by some of the stout elements you’d expect: burnt caramels and such. Not refreshing so much as nourishing. And intoxicating -- did I mention it’s 7.5%?

In any case, it’s certainly inviting. I am very much looking forward to trying it in its homeland...


  1. It's my familiar Irish Guinness, though Irish Foreign Extra is brewed with barley rather than the sorghum they use in Nigeria.

    How do you find it compared to Special Export?

  2. This had just started to be stocked by my local Tesco's.

  3. Spent six months in West Africa last year. Surrounded by Guinness, yet I couldn't stand the local stuff. For an Irishman, this was hard.
    Wrote a piece about it here, below. Funny how they advertise it down there....


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