Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Queue de Charrue Brune

Sometimes I think I’ll just never get the hang of Flemish red-brown ales. We’ve now tried several, and we’re almost never impressed: vinegar, soy sauce, sourness, over-ripe fruit. Just not my thing in combination.

About the only exception was Rodenbach Vintage 2008, which we really quite liked. But all the others, well, I can leave them, to be honest.

So it is, sadly, with tonight’s beer, Queue de Charrue Brune. I think it’s a worthy example of the style, for sure. Not for me, though.

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  1. Best stay away from Verhaeghe's very similar Duchesse de Bourgogne then; while it's less sour than Queue de Charrue Brune, it's got even more of that varnish taste - or what I would imagine varnish to taste, based on the smell.


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