Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Glory at the half-way point...

As I approach the 400th tasting here on the 40b40, the Wall Street Journal has published a piece about this humble blog today, calling it "one of the handiest Belgian beer references in English on the web".

Wow. I'm deeply honoured. Seriously, this is ace.

Now, all I have to do is fulfill the prophecy by tasting 400 more Belgian beers. Could be a bit tricky...

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  1. What a stupid story ! After several years of tasing Belgian (and foreign) beers, at this moment I tasted about 1600 Belgian ones.

    I can tell you one thing : tasting all the Belgian beers is really impossible ! Every day there are beers that disappear, every day there are new beers brewn.

    Please stop your comment that you want to tase all 800 Belgian beers, because the number of beers in Belgium is much higher and unfortunately (?) not countable !


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