Thursday, 23 June 2011

Léon 1893

Chez Léon is something of an institution in Brussels. By many accounts, it is this city’s best friture -- a word that might translate as “chippie” if you didn’t understand the Belgian adoration of the deep fried potato. After all, how many chip shops do you know of that have a tri-lingual website and take reservations for dinner?

Elevating its status higher still, Chez Léon also has its own beer.

Produced for the restaurant by St Feuillien brewery, Léon 1893 is a fairly tasty blonde ale, which also comes in live bottles sometimes available at the supermarket, which is how we’re drinking it this evening.

It pours dark golden and has a stiff head. The flavour starts off much as you’d expect for the style, but it includes an odd vegetable note -- steamed celery? They’ve added orange peel apparently, and it is just about noticeable.

I imagine it would go very well with moules-frites. I’ll have to phone and make a reservation at the chippie soon.

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  1. Nice blog. I am trying out quite a few Belgium beers and i have to say the taste and flavours are quite complex and interesting. Well its hard to find good beers in my Country. I did manage to get some stock of Chimay, St Feuillien, Duvel, Orval. Most of them are quite interesting.

    I did see you visited my country, India. I have to say things are getting better at least in my city, Bangalore. If you happen to visit do try out some of the new micro breweries that has started.