Saturday 25 June 2011

June madness

About a thousand things happen all at once every June. The kids go into exam mode, and Fiona struggles through countless end-of-year reports and various meetings concerning her students. That makes for a stressed family, and it only gets worse when downtown shopping is on the Saturday agenda, adding my annoyance to the mix and making it a four-out-of-four grumpy bear picnic.

About the only thing that can get me into Central Brussels on a Saturday is the promise that, when the shopping is over, we can duck in somewhere for a good beer. So it was today, when, after being battered by wave after wave of shoppers, we washed up on the familiar shores of Chez Moeder Lambic Fontainas.

I went for a guest beer, Montegioco Open Mind. Having tried the outstanding Zona Cesarini a few days ago, I was optimistic about another Italian ale. Open Mind starts out a bit sweet, but a late bitterness kicks in eventually. It has a very notable green apple flavour, if not the tartness that might imply. There are loads of layers besides: florals, fruits, herbs... Complex and fascinating.

Fiona chose a Mikkeller Bravo Single Hop IPA, which was simply gorgeous. Super hoppy and floral-citrus. Excellent in every way.

Not sure either could ever fully alleviate the stress of a hunter-gatherer foray into downtown in June, but it helps, that’s for sure.

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