Friday 24 June 2011

Beer in the age of austerity

These are tough times here in Europe. With the Greek crisis threatening the collapse of the euro, member states are facing austerity measures in an attempt to bring finances under control. It is in a spirit of solidarity, that we embrace tonight’s beer.

Delhaize 365 Pils Bière, a supermarket own-brand lager, costs exactly 14 euro-cents per bottle. It cannot get any more austere than this, dear readers.

Somewhat shockingly considering the price, it’s actually not awful. It pours out with a decent head, and the flavour has a sturdy crisp, hoppiness. For a bargain pils, it’s OK. In fact, penny for penny, Delhaize 365 Pils Bière probably cannot be beat. Served cold, it’s even better than Jupiler and others in the "premium pils" group.

Shall we ship some to Athens?

[UPDATE: More on the European crisis and beer...]


  1. Irony can be better used when accompanied with knowledge.Regards from Athens.
    PS:365 brand is popular here since ages.


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