Thursday 5 May 2011

White Shield

William Worthington’s White Shield is, I've read, an IPA classic, but then I’ve just seen a handful of reviews that pan its taste, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect as I approach this one.

“Ooh, ugly bottle”, offers Fiona.

Beyond the label and the pop-top, the beer itself is burnt orange, and its bottle conditioning leaves an appetising munginess in the final drops of the pour.

The taste is... good. Not outstanding, but good. It offers solid hop-bitterness front and centre, scraping the tongue with something dry, almost tannic, and leaving a clean finish. Although it has a slightly unwelcome syrupiness, it’s not impossible to live with. Unless you’re Fiona.

“Ooh, too syrupy.”

Maybe I would say it comes across a tiny bit creamy at first, and then that evolves into the hoppy dryness. Not bad at all. I would have it again.

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