Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Samuel Smith’s India Ale

Back to the UK for a moment... And for a beer...

Samuel Smith’s India Ale pours a beautiful reddish orange with a lasting head. The taste is slightly more caramelly than I’d expect from an IPA, but the bitterness shines through. Screams and shouts through, really. So, the crispness is there. Really there.

The label says it’s “fermented in slate Yorkshire ‘squares’”, and while I’m not entirely sure what that does for the taste, I see the ingredients also include “seaweed finings”, and... well, I’m not really sure what that adds either.

Still, the point is, it tastes good. Quite solid indeed.

And after that last disaster, I need it.


  1. Seaweed finings, more usually called "Irish moss" or "Carrageen moss", help the beer clear. They don't taste of anything much, though according to Wikipedia it's used in some parts of the world as a cure for impotence. Useful to know...

  2. A beer that cures impotence? How can I buy shares in this company? I think they're on to something big...


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