Saturday 14 May 2011

Oud Beersel Gueuze and Kriek

Having been inspired to get back into lambics again by a recent tasting of Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 2008, and yet another trip to Cantillon, I decided to crack open two bottles of Beersel’s finest I’ve had lying around for a little while. Both the gueuze and the kriek were impressive, made in the traditional way and delivering the classic tastes for these styles.

Beersel Oude Gueuze is similar to Cantillon Gueuze -- with that proper tartness -- but it seems a bit fizzier. On top of that, there are floral and herbal notes. Maybe something like rosemary.

Beersel Oude Kriek has a wonderful pink foam, and the taste seems softer after the gueuze. The kriek is not as tart as I’d expected. There’s a faint hint of sweetness -- just barely -- and the cherries are strong in the aftertaste, which finishes it off very nicely.

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