Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mmmm... Alts

Düsseldorf has given the world many fine things, I am sure, but for me these days, what it is best known for is Altbier, the local, top-fermented speciality. I was lucky to be introduced to two brands recently by Mike: Uerige Alt and Schlüssel Alt

Uerige Alt pours a lovely copper colour, with fine bubbles. The mouthfeel is warm but thin, and it has that classic, fantastically refreshing bitter thread running right through it.

It’s crisp, and there was no hint of coating on the tongue at all -- no sense of syrupiness, even as it warmed up, though, admittedly, I didn’t give it much time to do so.

I’ve had some other alts before, including Uerige, and I would have said this one was on the far end of the alt bitterness spectrum.

Then I tried Schlüssel Alt at Mike’s Easter Day dinner, and I realised I would have to extend the spectrum a bit. Very impressive. It goes great with asparagus, by the way...

Still, I don’t think I’ve had enough experience to rate all the alts against each other properly. I think we’ll need a weekend in Düsseldorf soon...


  1. i had my first Alt last weekend, very enjoyable it was to, i dont know if Schlosser Alt is considered a good example, but i certainly want to try more.

  2. If you ever go to Dusseldorf you have to try Fuchschen Alt. Blows all the other alts out of the water.

  3. Schumacher is nicer still!!


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