Tuesday 17 May 2011

Bioloo Amber

Sometimes, the marketing department gets it wrong.

Very wrong.

“Bioloo” sounds more like a composting toilet than a beer.

And having Googled it just now, I see that’s not even a joke. Check this out: http://www.bioloo.co.nz/

Luckily, Bioloo Amber tastes better than its name, and I’m very glad a reader recommended it the other day in a comment. Yes, I actually read those and take them onboard.

I even tried it where he suggested: L’Ultime Atome, one of my top ten bars, pubs and cafés for beer in Brussels.

From the makers of the decent Belgoo Magus, Bioloo Amber is an organic beer made from spelt. It’s a very good amber, not too sweet, with a clean finish. It has a faint note of cooked carrots, oddly, but that’s not a bad thing here. 7.8% alcohol.

Overall, I’d rate Bioloo Amber quite highly. It’s probably the best spelt beer I’ve had, I think, and I’ve had a fair few now.

They do need to work on the name, however...


  1. I do agree that the name for english speaking folks does sound a bit to much "LOO". For the UK and the US the name will be indeed changed...
    By the way, there is now also a blond version of the "Loo" beer (6,4% also with Spelt)with another yeast string (dryer, 34IBU)

    Jo, brewer belgoo


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