Monday, 17 January 2011

St Peter’s India Pale Ale

Well, after reading Pete Brown’s wonderful book, Hops and Glory, about his travels in the footsteps of India Pale Ale, and after a couple weeks in India, I suppose it was only natural for me to develop a thirst for another IPA.

Luckily, I picked up a few bottles at the Sourced Market shop at St Pancras before the holidays. I wouldn’t say I recreated this beer’s traditional journey like Pete did for his book, but I’m sure the motion of the Eurostar trip to Brussels helped mature the product in its own way.

St Peter’s India Pale Ale pours from its gorgeous, well-travelled bottle a beautiful copper colour, with quite a lasting head on it. The taste is well bitter, with some serious herbal notes. There’s something like baked florals about it as well, if that makes sense -- warm and perfumy, I mean. It seems a tiny bit syrupy, and while in this case that quality is not totally unpleasant, it does seem to detract from the crispness somewhat. 5.5% alcohol.


  1. I love the notion that rail travel is good for beer.

    If only East Coast charged less than £3.30 per can of utter rubbish.

  2. Hey, that was one of my favourite while in England last summer. St. Peter has also a marvellous organic ale.


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