Tuesday 18 January 2011

Kernel IPA Citra

Continuing this week’s series of India Pale Ale tastings (a series of two, so far), I decided to try Kernel IPA Citra this evening. It’s from The Kernel Brewery in London and is yet another treasure I picked up at the Sourced Market shop at St Pancras.

The label is simple and impressive, which drew me to it on the shelf, I admit. Nice work, design team. It pours honey brown with a lot of silt -- once you swish around the bottom for it, as I tend to do with bottle mung.

The taste starts fruity, but quickly runs to super hoppy, super citrusy, super pithy. Fiona, lover of all things hoppy, says, “hmmm, yummy”. For me, the flavours are so full-on that it takes a minute to work through them all. In the end, I figure it’s like a smoothie of ripe passion fruit and chicory. Yummy indeed.

I’ve got to find this one again...

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  1. The labels come with the Kernel logo and the beer name is hand stamped. A real labor of love.


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