Sunday 19 December 2010

La Mère Des Moeder’s

Now pouring at my favourite Brussels bar (top of my brand new and extremely official list of best places for beer in Brussels), La Mère Des Moeder’s is another winning brew from Brasserie de Jandrin Jandrenouille, makers of the amazing IV, V, and VI.

Like those others from Jandrin Jandrenouille, La Mère Des Moeder’s has that pink grapefruit note, but then about two dozen other tastes jump out and vie for your attention. It’s rich and fragrant with a fruity, bubblegum nose, evolving into, oddly enough, cuberdon.

There’s then something like the dust off a boiled sweetie, or the red fruits of a Jolly Rancher candy. Pear drops emerge, or even very ripe pear. Yes, that’s it: it’s like slicing into an over-ripe pear. Through all that, however, it’s not sweet. And at the same time, it’s got an undercurrent of a rough pizza dough keeping it grounded.

That probably sounds pretty strange all put together, but trust me, it works. Very yummy.

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