Sunday 26 September 2010

Westmalle Extra

I've been spending some time in the rarefied atmosphere of Beer Planet recently. It may not be extraterrestrial, but it does have one out-of-this-world offer (groan). When you buy a certain amount of beer, they give you a rare bottle on the house. Last time I was down, they handed me a Westmalle Extra.

This is one I'd barely even heard of before, and no wonder: apparently, you can only buy it at the Westmalle Abbey Café. But hey, I didn't buy it. I got it for free.

The taste is excellent, with a thinnish mouthfeel and dominant hop and herbal flavours. It also has a bit a spiciness, maybe cumin? Overall, it's light and refreshing. At 4.8%, it's not too demanding either.

I'm impressed. Neither Westmalle Dubbel nor Westmalle Tripel made it to my list of top ten Belgian beers. But Westmalle Extra might just challenge for a slot up there.

Oh, and how about that bottle cap? Is that the niftiest top ever, or what?


  1. Westmalle comes in ... Extra? I've been living too long without this knowledge. Thanks Andrew, I've added a trip to Westmalle Abbey to my agenda!

    I suppose this brew is more akin to the Tripel than the Dubbel?

  2. More like the Tripel than the Dubbel, but it's still very different from the Tripel. More like a saison than anything.


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