Saturday, 11 September 2010

Two tipples in Tournai

The family was in day-trip mode today, taking the train out to Tournai and wandering around that city for a few hours. The UNESCO-listed cathedral and belfry are mighty impressive, and the weather was grand. The beer was pretty yummy as well.

I tried two new ones, both from nearby the city. First was St Martin Blonde, an abbey beer produced by the Brunehaut Brewery. I've tried their Brunehaut Amber before and was pretty impressed, as I was with this one.

St Martin Blonde is a very good example of the style, with some fine bubbles and hops the first noticeable tastes, moving to notes of orange peel and maybe even butterscotch, though it's not overly sweet. 7% alcohol. Overall, it's got a nicely balanced set of flavours.

Later in the day, we stopped at a café on the main square for a drink in the sun, and I ordered a Tournay Blonde. Like the outstanding Saison Cazeau I'd tried the other evening, this one is from the Brasserie de Cazeau.

Tournay Blonde is thick and creamy, with notes of lemon and some warming spice, like curry powder or cumin. It's not as distinctive and "wow" as the brewery's incredible Saison, but it's damn good.

In all, not a bad day out.

Yes, that left-hand tower needs a bit of work...
View from the belfry
Bird market

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