Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tastings on the hoof

Had a stupendously long walk around Uccle and St Gilles yesterday, ending up at Bar du Matin at Albert and then at the old Moeder Lambic for a few samplings.

First was Zinnebir, which I've tasted here for this blog before. Last time, I noted orange, but it seems more grapefruit. Nice bitter hop in the finish. Very refreshing after our hike.

Maybe I didn't give it enough credit before: it's better than "very nice". It's excellent.

Moeder Lambic was offering Grottenbier on tap. The last time I had this beer was from a bottle in an igloo.

It's a lovely creamy, date and nut explosion -- puffy, with notes of black cherry cola. You don't need to build a snow house to enjoy it.

We tried a Guldenberg, also from tap, and this was a new one for me. From the De Ranke brewery, this strong blonde ale comes across with strong notes of plum: both fresh fruit and stewed prunes. Bob even noted a plum-skin bitterness and a suggestion of slivovitz. It also has a long yeasty aftertaste. Aromatic and very good.

Bob ordered a Taras Boulba, after the Zinnebir the second one from La Brasserie de la Senne (De Zenne Brouwerij).

He compared it to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and that's not far off. Hopomatic and yummy.

Finally, we sampled a Stouterik, the third from the Senne brewery, which I'd tasted before, enjoying it both times.

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