Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Paceña Centenario

After a full weekend of Belgian beer, it seemed the right moment to try something truly different. Something from left field, say, Bolivia.

So, I reached into the back of the fridge where a can of Paceña Centenario has been lingering for a few months. Originally a gift from a friend, its day has finally come.

This is the second Latin American beer I've tasted for this blog -- the first being the appellation-confused "Pilsen" from Colombia. Like that beer, Bolivia's Paceña Centenario (5.2%) is a fairly straightforward pilsner, nothing wildly outstanding or distinctive but solid enough.

It's a typical "warm-climate lager", although I realise there are parts of Bolivia that are anything but warm at times. It has a bit of yeastiness in the aftertaste, like Almaza. A beer like Paceña Centenario makes you dream of hot sunny days, of which we're sadly getting fewer and fewer in Brussels as autumn approaches.

Thanks, Gabriela!

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