Saturday 24 April 2010

Tongerlo Dubbel Blond 6

My life on Saturday afternoons is now dominated by travelling all over Brussels to deliver children to various birthday parties. Today, it was a gig the eldest was attending at the waterpark in the Bruparck complex near the Atomium.

So, I took the younger one to Mini-Europe which is a fun set of models of famous monuments from all across the 27 member states of the European Union, combined with a bit of healthy propaganda to inspire a Homo europaunionus like myself. There were games to test your Euro-awareness; information panels to enrich your knowledge of those who have dreamed of a free, peaceful and united continent; and, of course, non-stop joyful oding...

Then, we had a long walk through the surrounding sunny parks and went to a café for a Tongerlo Dubbel Blond 6 on tap. It’s a very smooth, ever so slightly sweet ale. Gentle and soft. Better in its class than Tongerlo Prior is among the stronger ales.

I’m now thinking of setting up my own café next to Mini-Europe offering beers from all 27 EU member states. Actually, putting it on Place Lux or near Schuman (the EU areas of Brussels) might be smarter. People get thirsty repeatedly singing throughout the day, “Est Europa nunc unita...”

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