Thursday, 29 April 2010

Three Men, Six Blondes & a Redhead

Well, that was quite a success: we had a couple friends over, and we tried six blonde Belgian ales none of us had ever tried before -- bottles I’ve collected on various shopping trips around town this week -- and all of them were at least good. Some of them were very good.

Each beer deserves a separate blog post, so I’ll be rolling these out over the next few days. For now, enjoy the photo here, and know that this was probably the last sunny evening on the sun-trap beer-tasting terrace for a while. After three weeks of fantastic weather, a new front is moving in, and this evening’s festivities may actually mark the end of the Belgian summer.

UPDATE: here are the links to all six tastings...

Urthel Saisonnière

Park Blond

Abbaye des Rocs Blonde

Kempisch Vuur Tripel

Adelardus Tripel

La Binchoise Blonde

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