Friday, 30 April 2010

Park Blond

Second in the line up of our evening of blonde ales was Park Blond, an abbey beer from Leuven.

It pours a lovely amber, but the initial smell is a bit old and musty. It seems flat, says Toby, with “no layers”. It does have a quick fizz on the tongue, but it soon dulls. It has almost no aftertaste.

I find it a bit like Palm, but not quite as good. The problem is, it just has no depth, no complexity. There’s nothing at all bad about Park Blond; it’s perfectly drinkable. But it’s not outstanding.

Andrew G (photo below) wrote:
It reminded me of De Koninck, though fuller in texture. A pleasant drink, but not very much going on, and I found it only had an effect at the front of the palette.
I can't believe I've never written up tasting notes for De Koninck. "There are some strange omissions on your blog, you know", says Andrew G...

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