Wednesday 21 April 2010

La Binchoise Brune

Well, we officially launched a new website at work today, so that’s a good reason to celebrate with an official beer tasting. This one comes from the Belgian town of Binche, famous for its annual Carnival madness, when bands of clowns rampage through the streets throwing oranges to and at the crowd.

OK, “rampage” may be a bit strong, but I’ve heard it’s pretty wild. Need to try to get there one year...

The bottle of this beer is adorned with the ritual rioters, but inside the mood is more calm, if not exactly sober. No taste of oranges as far as I can tell. It is one of those browns that starts off burnt, malty and a bit thin, but then evolves into something richer if you let it sit in the glass for 10 or 15 minutes.

It reminds me of Moinette Brune, with some possible milk chocolate notes -- and possibly even clove -- emerging in the after taste. Not bad really. Not bad at all. These clowns know their stuff.

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