Sunday, 25 April 2010

Krug-Bräu Lager

Here’s a tip: when the instructions on your new high-pressure power-washer say, “warning: may flay skin”, take that advice seriously. Really, these things can probably cut through bone, let alone skin. More importantly, they can scrape off several centimetres of slime and moss from your deck. And now, the sun-terrace sun trap has a white floor, trapping 43% more sun than ever.

Just the right conditions for a Krug-Bräu Lager...

This is another beer, like Füchschen Alt, that Mike brought over for me a week or two ago. And like that one, this one is excellent. (I will repay you, Mike, promise.)

It’s from Franconia, and I actually tried it last summer when we had our holiday there, but I didn’t manage to take proper notes, so I’m glad to have another shot at it.

Krug-Bräu Lager pours exactly the same colour as the bottle, so quite dark for a lager. The taste is leaning toward alt, but just a bit thicker -- and nutty. The notes are hazelnut and walnut. A super beer. And it is probably good for flayed skin injuries...

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