Sunday, 18 April 2010

Füchschen Alt

One of the stranger weekends... I’m supposed to be on a plane right now, but along with 44 kabillion other people in Europe, I’m not going anywhere. Pain in the ash, many would say.

Yet, with the friends of a neighbour/friend stranded here, and all of us playing in the park all the sun-shining day, it was the somehow more than making the best of a bad situation. K and a temporarily displaced girl the same age made fast friends.

After rollerblading and badminton, I sampled a beer offered by another friend from Germany who brought me the bottle on Friday. Everything’s just sorting itself out lately, thanks to friends, as you can see.

Füchschen Alt is an Altbier in that wonderful Düsseldorf tradition. Like Schumacher Alt, it’s like a very slightly smoky, gently malty ale. Not super strong -- 4.8% -- it is refreshing like a lager, but deeper and more complex. Perfect for a hot, summer-like day -- one that’s fairly complex itself.

Thanks, Mike!

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