Friday 30 April 2010

Adelardus Tripel

Another abbey beer in our evening of blonde ales, Adelardus Tripel pours a warm amber colour.

The first hit against the taste buds is sugary. It’s super boiled sweet, caramel (Toby in agreement there) and candy cane. Then, the one interesting element: peanut brittle. A hoppy aftertaste finishes it off.

Andrew G noted:
Probably had the most caramel-ly of the drinks we had. Some bitterness kicked in, but not of a lingering sort. Again, Andrew picked out boiled sweets, which is probably what I’ve really meant in my references to caramel (ie, there’s that burnt caramel quality that one gets in that solidified caramel that gets stuck on top of ice creams).
Overall, I wasn’t hugely impressed. Just passable.

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