Friday, 30 April 2010

Abbaye des Rocs Blonde

Mung and filth and pond life: yum. As soon as I popped open the 750ml bottle of Abbaye des Rocs Blonde, huge flakes of yeast started swirling in great currents within, some of them as large as a two-euro coin.

Now, many would be scared off by this, but not experienced drinkers of Belgian beer, who know that fermentation of quality brews continues in the bottle, and a bit of grimy goodness is all part of the joy.

The taste of Abbaye des Rocs Blonde, our third beer our evening of blonde ales is slightly sour coke bottle candies and hazelnut, with that last one finding agreement from Toby. It’s not bitter at all. Then, the aftertaste is a hint of varnish or wood stain -- and I mean that in a good way -- which is a bit thick on the tongue considering the initial mouthfeel is relatively thin.

Andrew G’s comments:
Extraordinary to look at. Yeast everywhere. Like space littered with asteroids. Uncomplicated taste; basically a clean taste, but with some softening/obscuring secondary elements. Andrew S and Toby noticed hazelnut, Andrew S varnish and some boiled sweet. Neither came quickly to my mind, I have to say. Left a coating at the top of my palette.
Toby thought it “not very complex”, and I have to agree: it’s not brilliant, but it’s passable. With the yeasty asteroid show taken into consideration, I’d certainly give it another try.

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