Saturday 20 March 2010

Märkischer Landmann

This is one we tried in Berlin a few weeks ago. We were in a suburb of the city called Neukölln, part of which is a major immigrant area and part of which is a village square, Richardsplatz, that looks like it hasn't changed for 150 years. Enjoying a few beers with friends by candlelight at the Villa Rixdorf Restaurant, I got the feeling I'd walk out of the place and get on a horse to take me home.

The beer of choice in this time-machine was Märkischer Landmann, a Schwarzbier much like Köstritzer and others from eastern areas of Germany. Deep and rich, I think I may have liked it even better than Köstritzer. It has more robust burnt notes to it, and as it warms up -- these things are usually served too cold, I think -- some dried black cherry and raisiny flavours emerge.

A lovely location and a lovely beer with old friends.

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