Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cooking with beer

Fiona and I tried two experiments with beer in the kitchen, and both turned out quite well. First, we cooked up some vegetarian bratwurst with onions and witbeer. The blanche we used was Brugs, the Alken-Maes version of Hoegaarden, which some like better. It worked reasonably well, though I like everything with fried onions. The beer gave it a bit more earthiness, perhaps.

The second experiment was ginger muffins with Vedett added to the mix. The batter was incredibly runny, but the final product was great. The muffins were too spicy for the kids, but Fiona and I loved them.

I think I'd like to put together a few more entries on cooking with Belgian beer. Maybe even write a book. It might not sell much, but it would be fun to make.

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