Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

When I left the US almost twenty years ago, I didn't rate American beer too highly. Five or so years in Bohemia completed that separation. And now with my six years in Belgium, America seems very far away in brewing terms.

But amazing things have happened in the US over the past two decades. In short, Americans found good beer. There are about a thousand books and blogs dealing with this yeasty renaissance, of course, but as someone who only visits the States at most once a year, I am still astounded. The microbrews, the incredible variety... It's a whole new New World. Even in the tiniest out-of-the-way bars and everyday supermarkets, you can find beers like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Two weeks away from Belgian beer is difficult, but Sierra Nevada Pale Ale -- with a bit of Florida sun -- makes it easier. Looking into the bottle and seeing the thin layer of yeasty goodness at the bottom reminds me of home...


  1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale reminds me of traveling on the train from San Francisco to Yosemite NP. It's a nice brew.

    Scotland has seen a similar explosion in the number of quality beers available over the last few years. My latest blog post contains a review of three of the best and a few handy links.

  2. There's a lot more to American beers than Sierra Nevada and Sam, too, my friend.

    What I like is how every region has its own local microbrewers, some famous nationwide, most not.

    I'm originally from England, and we have always had a lot of "good" beer to choose from over there, but these days I am happy with American beer.

    Check out Tenpenny Ale from the brewers of that name in CT next time you're over, or Ireland Parish by Paper City in Western Mass.

    Or better yet, Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point (or their Big Eye IPA)...

    Or Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA and another of theirs called something Baton...excellent.

    Great blog. For the reconrd, my personal favourite of all time is 3 Monts, which I believe you liked, too. I'll look out for Deus, it sounds grRReeat.



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