Sunday 11 January 2009

Gordon Finest Scotch

I have to admit I have been a bit wary of the bottle of “Gordon Finest Scotch Highland Ale” that has been sitting on my shelf for a year or so. First, I thought it couldn’t even be included in the 40b40, because it wasn’t Belgian.

Then, I wondered what the proclaimed “Highland Ale” on the label could actually mean. The highlands of the Low Countries?

And Gordon? Don’t they make gin?

Finally, I saw some down-and-outs drinking it at about 8 in the morning around the corner from our place and figured it wasn’t going to be anything worthwhile.

Very surprised, therefore, that it’s actually pretty good. The label reads, “strong brown beer with a warm ruby glitter”, and that’s a fair description. It could also say, “malted to the gills” -- the molasses is almost overpowering. 8.6%, but alcohol is the last thing you taste given the strength of the sticky malt.

A respectable winter beer, then. Much to be welcomed after a week of sub-zero weather. (see photo from our flat, below)

Still, there is something strange here in the marketing. The website of brewer Martin’s says, “Gordon Finest Scotch was born in the limpid highlands among isolated lochs and haunting Scottish castles”. Anyone know what “limpid highlands” are?

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