Tuesday 13 January 2009

Ettaler Kloster Edel Hell

This is not a Belgian beer, but given its connection to a monastery and the fact that Germany is just next door, I hope readers can forgive me for yet another post that strays from the main topic of this blog.

You’ll have to put up with three such posts, actually, because a colleague bought me a mixed three-pack of beer from Cloister Ettal Brewery in Bavaria, and I intend to sample each one.

Ettaler Kloster Edel Hell is a hearty light lager -- please, not to be confused with that American abomination, “lite beer” -- which to me seems a bit richer than average. It seems creamy for a lager, welcomingly so. Not overly heavy on the alcohol at 5.2%. Perhaps not hoppy enough for me, however.

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