Thursday 3 April 2008

Egmont Tripel

Our Ardennes winter retreat continued with a tasting of Egmont Tripel, brewed in Zottegem, Flanders. Interestingly, Zottegem is not too far from where we went hiking last weekend along the Zwalm River (see photo from Ijzerkotmolen below).

Or, maybe it’s not so interesting, given that it’s not really that big a country, and everything is not too far from everything else.

Egmont has a frothy head, and it’s colour is somewhat cloudy. We all found it good -- Nona said “amazing” -- though we felt it was not particularly distinctive one way or the other. Bob found a bit of bubble gum, but I didn’t catch that. The 7% alcohol is nicely balanced.

Maybe Egmont is just so well-balanced, in fact, so well-rounded, that it stands on its own as a pleasant beer. It makes no demands on your taste buds, but it does bring them pleasure.

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