Friday, 4 April 2008

Brasserie de Bellevaux Brune

Now that we’ve established that there is only one brewery in the Belgian commune of Malmedy, we can continue our Ardennes winter retreat beer tasting notes with a second offering from that establishment: Brasserie de Bellevaux. We’ve already tested their Black beer. This time, it’s their Brune.

This dark beer was at once declared “warm and spicy” by Bob, whose company we all find equally so. Could he be 6.8% as well?

The beer is a bit sweet, slightly smoky with a raisin flavour, but -- somewhat reminding me of Bobeline Brune, which I reviewed a few days ago -- this beer has a notable black cherry cola taste. Altogether, some in the room were calling it a “Haribo cola-flavoured gummy candy” taste.

Fiona found flavours of liquorice, coltsfoot rock and spangles -- though she later complained it made her burp a lot, I didn't find it particularly fizzy. Nona claimed this was merely the beer, “cleansing from within”.

Overall, we had four votes out of four in favour of this beer, but I think everyone liked Brasserie de Bellevaux Black somewhat better because it seemed more unique. More out of the ordinary. It could be I’ve just been tasting too many brown beers lately.

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