Thursday, 27 March 2008

Winter retreat

Dear Readers,

The inactivity on this blog over the past few days should not be interpreted as the author's retreat from Belgian beer.

In fact, I have been on a retreat in the Belgian Ardennes, where numerous new beers were tasted in the fine company of an expert testing team in a secluded mountain get-away.

And where it snowed every day for a week, enough to build two igloos -- one of which was big enough for a small group of people to share a couple beers in.

More information, and lots of new tasting notes, soon...


  1. Sounds really good indeed.

    Looking forward to reading you.
    Make me miss my country even more than I do already :)

    For the record, I saw Leffe at the UN grocery store today. It was basic Leffe Blonde, but I left only three on the shelf. I stored the rest in my fridge at home.

    It was a dollar and fifty-two cents a bottle, that's not even a euro! I guess I realized these guys in Leuven have probably been subsidizing the UN to sell this thing so cheap.

  2. Brilliant. Leffe Blonde will certainly do in a pinch.


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