Sunday, 2 March 2008

Deus redux

We shared a bottle of Deus this evening with friends who just got engaged. It was the first time I tried it since my birthday Bosteels bash, and once again, this unique beer proved itself a perfect choice for a special occasion.

The floral explosion that hits you when you drink Deus really knocks you back. This time, I may have at least been expecting it, but still, I was hardly any better prepared. “Mint and lavender”, says Fiona. Those, I agree, but also jasmine, roses and lilac, too. Just too many florals to pin down, really, plus a very subtle hint of maltiness -- but only barely. All this is brought to you on a foam of delicate and miniscule bubbles.

“This is beer?” asked our friends. It’s the first reaction of everyone who tries Deus, and I haven’t got an answer. More study is certainly required, and at least now we know where we can get Deus for about ten euro a bottle rather than the 17 or 18 the specialty shop sells it for.

After the initial 40b40 challenge, I put Deus in my list of top ten Belgian beers. It firmly remains there.


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