Sunday 9 March 2008

Chimay White (Tripel)

Wandering around downtown after our visit to the Cantillon Brewery yesterday, we worked up a bit of a thirst, and so we settled down outside at a pub, Au Soleil, on Marché au Charbon, a nice pedestrianised street where the kids, and adults, could run around a bit. We opted for the Chimey Tripel, their white label beer, and Au Soleil serves it on tap. That makes this the first Trappist beer I’ve had on tap.

Now, frequent readers of this blog will know, I am not the biggest fan of the strong blond ales and tripels, so the expectation will be that this is not going to get a rave review here. But I will at least give this beer a chance...

The taste is complex: bubble gum, clove, grapefruit rind, grape juice, and, at least according to Bob (photo), hints of a spiced wheat beer. The body is quite thick and heavy. And the aftertaste really brings that grapefruit pith to the fore.

I wouldn’t say Chimay Tripel has changed my overall view of strong blond ales, but it’s certainly better than average for this style. The flavour is complex enough to keep me interested for one glass, though probably not two.

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  1. I recently tried Chimay Triple from a tap rather than a bottle, and, in my opinion, the tap (au fut) version is superior. It's smoother, without losing the flavor.


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