Monday 31 March 2008

Bobeline Brune

Labelled “La Bière de Spa”, this beer from the famous health resort town -- the one that started the whole “taking the waters” craze a couple centuries ago -- came next in our Ardennes winter retreat tasting series.

The colour is an inviting dark reddish brown. The taste is date, cola and then -- pow -- black cherry. Really strong black cherry. Not too sweet, but slightly over-fizzy. In all, I’d say it’s a bit like Moinette Brune, though not quite as complex. Did I mention the black cherry?

With 8.5% alcohol, Bobeline Brune, La Bière de Spa, is not going to be mistaken for restorative mineral water by any patient strolling through a health resort. But it still might be good for what ails you.

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