Saturday, 16 February 2008


Here it is: the conclusion of the 40b40, which like all good things, ends in a cheap German hotel room with three girls and some dodgy photographs. The selection is Orval, the Belgian beer that was my favourite before this 40-day experience began.

Let me describe the taste. Orval is hop, hop and more hop. I love it. From the first bitter flowery aroma to the long-lingering hop aftertaste. Amazing stuff.

However, it’s hard for me now, after the last 40 days, to say this is my favourite beer. It’s excellent, and certainly in my top five. But number one?

Everyone is asking me to make a top ten based on the 40b40, so I think I’ll have to sit for a bit in the sauna tomorrow and sort them all out. The sauna? Yes, as of tomorrow, I start 40 days of detox...

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  1. We're not coming to BXL next month if it is during the detox. Scrabble sober just isn't that fun.


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