Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Kasteel Bruin

Right, let’s get to it. I admit, I am rushing here, because Torchwood is coming on in an hour and I’m very late in the door following a long meeting with an old friend (over a couple Leffe 9s), so I need to be quick with this 40b40 entry.

Lovely dark colour. Appealing aroma -- though after yesterday’s fare, I can hardly fail to be impressed. Taste... hmmm... yes...

This is a very worthy dark beer. Rich malty caramels, offset by bitter hops and a high, but balanced, alcohol content of 11%. There’s nothing really distinctive here, like dried fruits or gingerbreads of some other dark beers (see Rochefort, St Bernardus or Westvleteren), but it’s also not as thin as, say, a Corsendonk pater, or a Ciney Brune.

Not bad at all.


  1. I agree with most of your tasting notes, though I have two points. 1) The most overwhelming this about this beer is its sweetness. I don't think I've ever tried a sweeter beer. 2) I wouldn't say 'offset by bitter hops'. Maybe because you focus on Belgian beers, but on a 0-10 scale, 10 being some fearsomly hopped Pilsner, this is a 0.5.

  2. Visited the castle quite a few times since i only live like 10 miles away from it but the finest brew for me is their Brigand I.P.A.


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