Tuesday, 19 February 2008

40b40: the end of the beginning

Now that the official 40-day celebration is over, the question is what to do with this blog. Following long consultations among the senior 40b40 advisors and a legally mandated public consultation period, it has been agreed that the blog will continue to discuss and describe Belgian beers.

The pace will slow -- as you would expect from an aging author -- so don't count on daily posts. But as new beers are consumed, they will be reviewed here. Belgium has over seventy-four million different brands of beer, so there is plenty of material to blog about.

I will also leave the donations page open for a little bit longer, too, for those people who would still like to make a contribution. And thanks again to all those who already have! We raised 550 pounds together, which is about 730 euro or 1100 dollars. And we still need to open the yellow piggy bank, which will add a bit more. Still time to donate...

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