Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Van Steenberge question

Preparing to drink my Augustijn, and -- horror of horrors -- I notice it is made by the Van Steenberge brewery, which also makes Piraat and Gulden Draak, which I'm supposed to drink on separate days next weekend with my brother. Can I have three beers by the same brewery on three separate days? Does this violate the Corsendonk settlement?

I need a quick ruling from the 40b40 Oversight Committee so this Van Steenberge question doesn't invalidate the results. I don't want to send my poor brother out to the shop again to find different beers -- he's managed to find and buy the Piraat and Gulden Draak in Connecticut, which is already above and beyond the call of duty if you ask me. Today must remain Augustijn day, because you can't buy beer in in Connecticut on Sunday (heathens!), but this revelation has thrown next weekend wide open.

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