Monday 21 January 2008

St. Feuillien Bruin

Two weeks into in the 40b40 challenge, and getting slightly worried about the paucity of DONATIONS, I turn to the abbey beer of St Feuillien. This is another one I haven’t tried before, but it comes recommended from a couple people. I’ve got the brown ale (bruin) here for tonight’s sampling, and I’m slightly worried the “Old Faithful!” motto on their website means I’m going to get a geyser when I open it up.

But the cap comes off without disaster. The colour is a darkish brown almost identical to the bottle it was poured from. First sip is a bit sour and yeasty. In the second, I taste more creaminess. Molasses and roasted butternut squash. The alcohol (7.5%) is well-balanced with the other flavours.

Fiona is unimpressed. Too sour, she says.

If I had to compare this ale to anything, I would say it’s a bit like a Leffe bruin or a Ciney bruin, but it probably has more depth and character than both of those. I would not call this an outstanding beer, but it’s certainly very good.

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