Tuesday 29 January 2008

Malheur 10

I have the misfortune to be drinking another golden ale this evening. Malheur 10 is one more example of this large group, leaving me longing for the 40b40 days of Rochefort... Growing somewhat tired of this genre.

On to the tasting itself: Malheur 10 has a deep body and strong hoppy taste both in the mouth and afterward. Then there’s that sweet undertone all these strong blonds exhibit. This is the element that turns me away from this type of beer. Lots of hop, it’s true, but it gets cut down by a sweetness that really feels out of place.

It’s an average example of a Belgian ale. Better balanced than the Piraat or the Grimbergen tripel, certainly. I should have opted for the dark Malheur 12, though, or even the Malheur Brut Reserve, which is made in the same Champagne-like way as Deus.

Well, I think one thing I’ve learned over the past 22 beers is that I prefer the darks and the dubblels to the strong blonds and the tripels. And it only took me 40 years to learn this. Well, at least I can use the next 40 wisely.

STOP PRESS: The 40b40 DONATIONS PAGE has received a number of donations over the past few days. Some contributors claim a yellow pig has hit them up for money, but whatever the reason, thanks! We are now 17% of the way toward our goal!

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