Tuesday 15 January 2008

The Bosteels/Leffe affair: The evidence

More information has emerged regarding The Hague investigation into what is now being called "the Bosteels/Leffe affair". It appears that 40b40 Trappist and Regional Brewery Analyst Seb was summoned to The Hague this morning and questioned by interrogators for hours. Seb is now free and sends us the following report, along with the video evidence he presented to investigators of last night's Bosteels brewery evening.
The good news is I'm free, and I was allowed to keep the videos. I'm sending you the links below.

The bad news is it seems that due to my Leffe drinking yesterday, I will have to withdraw from active drinking duty today in order to focus on my defence, which includes:
a) writing notes de terroir, which it seems The Hague invetigators appreciated;
b) writing a fresh call for DONATIONS in the framework of 40b40.

It is understood that all my future tasting notes will have to be approved by The Hague since they found my tasting notes up to now "not inventive enough for a beer specialist". I think they suspect I'm a spy who has infiltrated the project. I hope the French release JC tomorrow as planned because it is my understanding he'll be drinking wine tonight. His loss could put the whole venture in jeopardy.

Don't worry Andrew, I'm sure we'll pull through and manage to get this thing back on track.

Good luck for your tasting with the Freelance Statesman this evening. Say hi. Enjoy it and try to escape the pressure that surrounds us all.

Thanks, Seb! And here now the video evidence...

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