Tuesday, 15 January 2008

40b40 under Hague scrutiny!

The 40b40 project received a major shock this morning when it was revealed that legal examiners from The Hague will make a snap assessment of the birthday beer movement this weekend. A team of four investigators will arrive on Friday, which 40b40 had earlier declared as “Rochefort Day”.

“It has come as something of a surprise”, said a spokesman, “but 40b40 has nothing to hide, and we welcome the investigators.”

Behind the scenes, however, some have spoken of tension within the 40b40 top brass. According to some sources, part of the inner circle is apparently outraged that pictures have appeared on the internet of Trappist and Regional Brewery Analyst Seb clearly showing him drinking a Leffe during last night’s Bosteels brewery event.

But opinions are divided. While some felt his actions were not in keeping with the spirit of the 40b40, one source close to the movement said that Seb was not technically an athlete, so he could drink whatever the hell he liked.

Observers believe the Hague investigators may be trying to get to the bottom of this controversy. It seems they have already confiscated video clips from last night's 40b40 gathering.

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